Why does PM Trudeau need to renovate 24 Sussex, for $38 million???

Today’s post doesn’t make me go “hmmm” it is one of my WTAF “I can’t even” posts. To the lovely lady I met in Brantford a few weeks back, stop reading now, because today’s post will have plenty of swearing, which I know you do not like, but I’m sorry, I’m furious over here. The rest of you, carry on reading.

By now you can obviously tell from my past posts that I did not vote for Trudeau. Normally it’s nobody’s business as to who or why we vote how we do, but since I like all of you, I’m going to be honest with you. The reason I didn’t vote for Justin Trudeau is because every single time I watched him speak my BULLSHIT meter would go off the charts. Not for one second did I believe a word that came out of his mouth. I found him to be completely insincere. It seemed to me that he was reciting dialogue, I never got the sense that there was any connection between his words, and his energy. He felt flat to me, like he had no passion, he seemed like a wooden puppet, I also just felt he wasn’t world leader material, the way he spoke, he seemed so insecure and not clear on his message that he was trying to share. Most of the times I’ve ever listened to him I had to turn the channel because he uses “ummm” as if it is a real word. Now don’t anybody message me defending him by saying “he thinks in two languages and that can be challenging to people who aren’t use to talking to large groups.” I’m going to stop you right there because a) he was a drama TEACHER, which means he spoke to groups of people for a living and b) my husband’s first language is french and he plays Detective Murdoch which is all dialogue all the time and he doesn’t inject “ummm” into his scenes. Besides, my 25 year old daughter sometimes starts sentences with; “ummm…” and as much as I love her I wouldn’t vote for her to be PM either. Yet here we are, Canada’s leader uses “ummm” liberally, and I find it to be a disgrace, have any of you heard other world leaders speak in this manner? No, no you have not. Don’t even get me started on his comments about Fidel Castro. Holy shit. Who elected this guy?? I seriously cannot. And neither of these are even the main point of my post today, no today’s post is supposed to be all about his big plans to renovate the PM’s residence. Which is what has really got me turnt up in all the wrong ways.

It was bad enough that he ran around the country yelling about his plan and promise to tax the shit out of the 1%. That in and of itself was a scary thought, because as if paying 49% tax wasn’t enough, he insisted that the 1% should pay more? In fact, the Liberal party, led by him changed it immediately when they got into office, they changed it 53.5%. WTAF? So, let me get this straight, my husband works 12-14 hours a day, five days a week for seven straight months, and your government gets to take more than he gets to keep?? To do what with?? I’m all for social services, if they are STRUCTURED, which our welfare system needs a HUGE overhaul, too many people use it as a lifestyle rather than a means to an end, so that chaps my ass. Plus our healthcare system doesn’t work. It is also in great need of some serious restructuring, so that all the money that gets put into it is spent in the right places. Then his wife, who was capable of raising her three kids on her own before he was elected, now struggles to “keep it together” with two full time nannies, a personal assistant, and staff. Really? Like she’s the first “working mom” with a high profile job. No, no she’s not.

I mean I could go on, and on, and on, but I’m supposed to be watching a movie with YB, so I can’t rant for much longer. Not even all these above mentioned things about Trudeau have caused my blood to boil in the way that the news about the “proposed” renovations to 24 Sussex are making me see red. Let me get this straight, you, the “man of the people” the guy who ran around the country putting on turbans, cowboy hats and raising the Pride flag to prove to all of Canada that “you’re one of them” feels the Prime Minister house is just not up to your standards of living. That it’s just not in good enough shape for you, a former drama teacher, and your family to live in “as is.” So he’s enlisted a team of development consultants, and architects to build him a “mini White House” that will cost $38million! Are you kidding me???? No, seriously. Is this fucking for real? I mean two years ago God knows how big his home was, I would venture to guess it didn’t include a “7500 square foot Annex pool house.” Come again, ex-drama teacher? Seriously. I’m fucking furious. These are my tax dollars, and I’d way rather you give nurses a pay raise than renovate a house you won’t even be living in by the time it’s completed. Anyway this link has a lot of good information about the plans for the property…http://ipolitics.ca/2016/11/23/estimated-cost-of-24-sussex-renos-almost-38-million-documents/ read all about it for yourselves.

This is a man who has never done a renovation to a home in his life. They would be better off to tear the damn thing down and begin again. I have done renovations and I believe they could build an entirely new “grand” home, fit for a leader, for half that cost. Besides renovations always take longer, and cost more, the scope of this work will take YEARS to complete. I was at this home many years ago when Brian Mulroney was our PM, and it wasn’t massive, it was stately, fitting for a world leader of a country our size. Canada doesn’t need to build a home for a PM to rival the White House, that’s just stupid, we’re a fraction of the population.

Sit down Justin Trudeau!

Besides, if he really goes ahead with his hair-brain idea to spend all this tax payer’s money, he’ll be done for. By the time it is completed, I’m hoping the rest of the Canadian’s, who were charmed by him are watching this all go down and are vowing to ensure that in three years, he’ll be back at the front of a classroom teaching high school kids, where he belongs. Because with comments like the ones he made about Castro, and this disgusting display of disrespect for “his people” and the taxes he’s taking from them, he definitely doesn’t deserve a second kick at the can of leading this country.

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